Saltugilia is a small genus of 4 species endemic to southern California and Baja California.


Saltugilia is sister to a large clade comprised of Allophyllum, Collomia, Gilia, Lathrocasis, and Navarretia.


worldwide distribution of Saltugilia

worldwide distribution of Saltugilia


  1. Saltugilia australis (H. Mason & A.D. Grant) L.A. Johnson
  2. Saltugilia caruifolia (Abrams) L.A. Johnson
  3. Saltugilia latimeri T.L. Weese & L.A. Johnson
  4. Saltugilia splendens (Dougl.) L.A. Johnson = S. grinnellii (Brand) L.A. Johnson
    • S. splendens (Dougl.) L.A. Johnson subsp. splendens
    • S. splendens (Dougl.) L.A. Johnson subsp. grantii (Brand) L.A. Johnson

KEY TO SALTUGILIA (modified from Weese and Johnson 2001)

1. Corolla tube included in calyx…S. australis
1′. Corolla tube exserted from calyx
2. Exserted length of stamens exceeding length of corolla lobes…S. caruifiolia
2′. Exserted length of stamens much shorter than length of corolla lobes
3. Corolla less than 11 mm; tube eglandular; calyx glandular…S. latimeri
3′. Corolla greater than 11 mm; tube glandular; calyx eglandular (S. splendens)
4. Corolla tube 4-10 mm long, 1-2 X longer than calyx…S. s. splendens
4′. Corolla tube 7-18 mm long, 2-5 X longer than calyx…S. s. grantii


Weese, T. L. and L. A. Johnson. 2001. Saltugilia latimeri: A new species of Polemoniaceae. Madroño 48:3 198-204.


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