Phlox diffusa

With over 70 species, Phlox is the largest genus in Polemoniaceae.  It is almost entirely native to North America, although one species, P. sibirica, also occurs in Asia.  The genus is taxonomically complex.  Some of this complexity, especially in the mat-forming species of western North America may be the result of recurrent polyploidy in the genus.


While not displayed on this map, Phlox also occurs in Siberia.

worldwide distribution of  Phlox

worldwide distribution of Phlox


  1. Phlox aculeata A. Nels.
  2. Phlox adsurgens Torr.
  3. Phlox albomarginata M.E. Jones
    • P. albomaginata M.E. Jones subsp. albomarginata
    • P. albomaginata M.E. Jones subsp. diapensioides (Rydb.) Wherry
  4. Phlox alyssifolia Greene
  5. Phlox amabilis Brand
  6. Phlox amoena Sims
    • P. amoena Sims subsp. amoena
    • P. amoena Sims subsp. lighthipei (Small) Wherry
  7. Phlox ampifolia Britt.
  8. Phlox andicola E. Nels.
    • P. andicola E. Nels. subsp. andicola
    • P. andicola E. Nels. subsp. parvula Wherry
  9. Phlox austromontana Coville
    • P. austromontana Coville subsp. austromontana
    • P. austromontana Coville subsp. densa (Brand) Wherry
    • P. austromontana Coville subsp. prostrata (E. Nels.) Wherry
  10. Phlox bifida Beck
    • P. bifida Beck subsp. bifida
    • P. bifida Beck subsp. stellaria (A. Gray) Wherry
  11. Phlox borealis Wherry
  12. Phlox buckleyi Wherry
  13. Phlox caespitosa Nutt.
  14. Phlox carolina L.
    • P. carolina L. subsp. alta Wherry
    • P. carolina L. subsp. angusta Wherry
    • P. carolina L. subsp. carolina
    • P. carolina L. subsp. turritella Wherry
  15. Phlox caryophylla Wherry
  16. Phlox clutena A. Nels.
  17. Phlox colubrina Wherry & Constance
  18. Phlox condensata (A. Gray) E. Nels.
  19. Phlox cuspidata Scheele
  20. Phlox diffusa Benth.
    • P. diffusa Benth. subsp. diffusa
    • P. diffusa Benth. subsp. longistylis Wherry
    • P. diffusa Benth. subsp. scleranthifolia (Rydb.) Wherry
    • P. diffusa Benth. subsp. subcarniata Wherry
  21. Phlox dispersa C.W. Sharsm.
  22. Phlox divaricata L.
    • P. divaricata L. subsp. divaricata
    • P. divaricata L. subsp. laphamii (Alph. Wood) Wherry
  23. Phlox dolichantha A. Gray
  24. Phlox drummondii Hook.
    • P. drummondii Hook. subsp. drummondii
    • P. drummondii Hook. subsp. johnstonii (Wherry) Wherry
    • P. drummondii Hook. subsp. mcallisterii (Whitehouse) Wherry
    • P. drummondii Hook. subsp. tharpii (Whitehouse) Wherry
    • P. drummondii Hook. subsp. wilcoxiana (Bogusch) Wherry
  25. Phlox floridana Benth.
  26. Phlox glaberrima L.
    • P. glaberrima L. subsp. glaberrima
    • P. glaberrima L. subsp. interior (Wherry) Wherry
    • P. glaberrima L. subsp. triflora (Michx.) Wherry
  27. Phlox glabriflora (Brand) Whitehouse
    • P. glabrifora (Brand) Whitehouse subsp. glabrifora
    • P. glabrifora (Brand) Whitehouse subsp. littoralis (Cory) Wherry
  28. Phlox gladiformis (M.E. Jones) E. Nels.
  29. Phlox griseola Wherry
    • P. griseola Wherry subsp. griseola
    • P. griseola Wherry subsp. tumulosa (Wherry) Wherry
  30. Phlox hendersonii (E. Nels.) Cronq.
  31. Phlox hirsuta E. Nels
  32. Phlox hoodii Richardson
    • P. hoodii Richardson subsp. canescens (Torr. & A. Gray) Wherry
    • P. hoodii Richardson subsp. glabrata (E. Nels.) Wherry
    • P. hoodii Richardson subsp. hoodii
    • P. hoodii Richardson subsp. lanata (Piper) Munz
    • P. hoodii Richardson subsp. viscidula (Wherry) Wherry
  33. Phlox idahonis Wherry
  34. Phlox jonesii Wherry
  35. Phlox kelseyii Britt.
    • P. kelseyii Britt. subsp. glandulosa Wherry
    • P. kelseyii Britt. subsp. kelseyii
  36. Phlox latifolia Michx.
  37. Phlox longifolia Nutt.
    • P. longifolia Nutt. subsp. brevifolia (A. Gray) H. Mason
    • P. longifolia Nutt. subsp. longifolia
  38. Phlox longipilosa Waterf.
  39. Phlox maculata L.
    • P. maculata L. subsp. maculata
    • P. maculata L. subsp. pyramidalis (Sm.) Wherry
  40. Phlox mesoleuca Greene
  41. Phlox mexicana Wherry
  42. Phlox missoulensis Wherry
  43. Phlox mollis Wherry
  44. Phlox multiflora A. Nels.
    • P. multiflora A. Nels. subsp. depressa (E. Nels.) Wherry
    • P. multiflora A. Nels. subsp. multiflora
    • P. multiflora A. Nels. subsp. patula (A. Nels.) Wherry
  45. Phlox muscoides Nutt.
  46. Phlox nana Nutt.
  47. Phlox nivalis Sweet
    • P. nivalis Sweet subsp. hentzii (Nutt.) Wherry
    • P. nivalis Sweet subsp. nivalis
    • P. nivalis Sweet subsp. texensis Lundell
  48. Phlox oklahomensis Wherry
  49. Phlox opalensis Dorn
  50. Phlox paniculata L.
  51. Phlox pattersonii L.A. Prather
  52. Phlox peckii Wherry
  53. Phlox pilosa L.
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. deamii D.A. Levin
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. detonsa (A. Gray) Wherry
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. fulgida (Wherry) Wherry
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. latisepala Wherry
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. ozarkana (Wherry) Wherry
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. pilosa
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. pulcherrima Lundell
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. riparia Wherry
    • P. pilosa L. subsp. sangamonensis D.A. Levin & D.M. Sm.
  54. Phlox pulchra (Wherry) Wherry
  55. Phlox pulvinata (Wherry) Cronq.
  56. Phlox pungens Dorn
  57. Phlox richardsonii Hook.
    • P. richardsonii Hook. subsp. alaskensis (Jordal) Wherry
    • P. richardsonii Hook. subsp. richardsonii
  58. Phlox rigida Benth.
  59. Phlox roemeriana Sheele
  60. Phlox sibirica L.
  61. Phlox solivagus M. Mayfield & M. Darrach
  62. Phlox speciosa Pursh.
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. lanceolata (E. Nels.) Wherry
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. lignosa Brand
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. nitida (Suksd.) Wherry
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. occidentalis (Durand) Wherry
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. speciosa
    • P. speciosa Pursh. subsp. woodhousei (Torr. & A. Gray) Wherry
  63. Phlox stansburyi (Torr.) A. Heller
    • P. stansburyi (Torr.) A. Heller subsp. stansburyi
    • P. stansburyi (Torr.) A. Heller subsp. superba (Brand) Wherry
  64. Phlox stolonifera Sims
  65. Phlox subulata L.
    • P. subulata L. subsp. australis (Wherry) Wherry
    • P. subulata L. subsp. brittonii (Small) Wherry
    • P. subulata L. subsp. subulata
  66. Phlox tenuifolia E. Nels.
  67. Phlox triovulata Thurb.
  68. Phlox variabilis Brand
    • P. variabilis Brand subsp. nudata Wherry
    • P. variabilis Brand subsp. variabilis
  69. Phlox vermejoensis B. Legler
  70. Phlox viridis E. Nels.
    • P. viridis E. Nels. subsp. compacta (Brand) Wherry
    • P. viridis E. Nels. subsp. longipes (M.E. Jones) Wherry
    • P. viridis E. Nels. subsp. viridis
  71. Phlox viscida E. Nels.

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