Navarretia hamata ssp. hamata

Navarretia hamata ssp. hamata

Navarretia is a genus of at least 40 species native to North America and South America.  Ongoing research by Leigh Johnson will likely result in many changes.


worldwide distribution of Navarretia

worldwide distribution of Navarretia


  1. Navarretia atractyloides (Benth.) Hook. & Arn.
  2. Navarretia breweri (A. Gray) Greene
  3. Navarretia capillaris (Kell.) Kuntze
  4. Navarretia cotulifolia (Benth.) Hook. & Arn.
  5. Navarretia divaricata (A.Gray) Green
    • N. divaricata (A. Gray) Greene subsp. divaricata
    • N. divaricata (A.Gray) Green subsp. vividor (Jeps. & V.L. Bailey) H. Mason
  6. Navarretia eriocephala H. Mason
  7. Navarretia filicaulis (A. Gray) Greene
  8. Navarretia fossalis Moran
  9. Navarretia furnissii L.A. Johnson & L.M. Chan
  10. Navarretia gowenii  L.A. Johnson
  11. Navarretia hamata Greene
    • N. hamata Greene hamata
    • N. hamata Greene subsp. leptantha (Greene) H. Mason
    • N. hamata Greene subsp. parviloba A.G. Day
  12. Navarretia heterandra H. Mason
  13. Navarretia heterodoxa (Greene) Greene
  14. Navarretia intertexta (Benth.) Hook.
    • Navarretia intertexta (Benth.) Hook. subsp. intertexta
    • Navarretia intertexta (Benth.) Hook. subsp. propinqua (Suksd.) A.G.Day
  15. Navarretia involucrata Ruiz & Pav.*
  16. Navarretia jaredii Eastw.
  17. Navarretia jepsonii V.L. Bailey
  18. Navarretia leptalea (A. Gray) L.A. Johnson
    • N. leptalea (A. Gray) L.A. Johnson subsp. bicolor (H. Mason & A.D. Grant) L.A. Johnson
    • N. leptalea (A. Gray) L.A. Johnson subsp. leptalea
  19. Navarretia leucocephala Benth.
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. bakeri (H. Mason) A.G. Day
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. diffusa Bjork
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. leucocephala
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. minima (Nutt.) A.G. Day
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. pauciflora (H. Mason) A.G. Day
    • N. leucocephala Benth. subsp. plieantha (H. Mason) A.G. Day
  20. Navarretia linearifolia (Howell) L.A. Johnson
    • N. linearifolia (Howell) L.A. Johnson subsp. linearifolia
    • N. linearifolia (Howell) L.A. Johnson subsp. pinnatisecta (H. Mason & A.G. Grant) L.A. Johnson
  21. Navarretia mellita Greene
  22. Navarretia mitracarpa  Greene
  23. Navarretia myersii P.S. Allen & A.G. Day
    • N. myersii P.S. Allen & A.G. Day subsp. deminuta A.G.  Day
    • N. myersii P.S. Allen & A.G. Day subsp. myersii
  24. Navarretia nigelliformis Greene
    • N. nigelliformis Greene subsp. nigelliformis 
    • N. nigelliformis Greene subsp. radians (J.T. Howell) A.G. Day
  25. Navarretia ojaiensis Elvin, J.M. Porter & L.M. Johnson
  26. Navarretia paradoxiclara L.A. Johnson & D. Gowen
  27. Navarretia paradoxinota L.A. Jonson & D. Gowen
  28. Navarretia peninsularis Greene
  29. Navarretia prolifera Greene
    • N. prolifera Greene subsp. lutea (Brand) H. Mason
    • N. prolifera Greene subsp. prolifera
  30. Navarretia prostrata (A. Gray) Greene
  31. Navarretia pubescens (Benth.) Hook. & Arn.
  32. Navarretia rosulata Brand
  33. Navarretia saximontana S.C. Spencer
  34. Navarretia setiloba Coville
  35. Navarretua sinistra (M.E. Jones) L.A. Johnson
  36. Navarretia squarrosa (Eschsch.) Hook. & Arn.
  37. Navarretia subuligera Greene
  38. Navarretia tangetina Greene
  39. Navarretia viscidula Benth.
  40. Navarretia willamettensis S.C. Spencer

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