Loeselia glandulosa ssp. conglomerata

Loeselia glandulosa ssp. conglomerata

Loeselia is a poorly known genus of 15 species of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs mostly native to North America and Central America.  One species, L. glandulosa, enters northern South America.  The corolla is generally zygomorphic.


Loeselia is sister to Dayia and Bryantiella glutinosa and Ipomopsis (in part). Infrageneric relationships are based on currently published data are unresolved but the genus is currently being researched by J. Mark Porter.


worldwide distribution of  Loeselia

worldwide distribution of Loeselia


  1. Loeselia amplectans (Hook. & Arn.) Benth.
  2. Loeselia caerulea (Cav.) G. Don
  3. Loeselia ciliata L.
    • L. ciliata L. subsp. ciliata
    • L. ciliata L. subsp. echinophylla (Brand) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson
  4. Loeselia cordifolia Hemsl. & Rose
  5. Loeselia glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don
    • L. glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don subsp. conglomerata (Kunth) Brand
    • L. glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don subsp. glandulosa
    • L. glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don subsp. nepetifolia (Cham. & Schltdl.) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson
    • L. glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don subsp. sonorae S.M. Namoff & J.M. Porter
  6. Loeselia grandiflora Standl.
  7. Loeselia greggii S. Wats.
  8. Loeselia involucrata G. Don
  9. Loeselia mexicana (Lam.) Brand
  10. Loeselia pumila (M. Martens & Galeotti) Walp.
  11. Loeselia purpusii Brandegee
  12. Loeselia rupestris Benth.
  13. Loeselia rzedowskii McVaugh
  14. Loeselia spectabilis J.M. Porter & V.W. Steinm.
  15. Loeselia tancitaroensis J.M. Porter & V.W. Steinm.

KEY TO LOESELIA (modified from Turner 1994; Porter and Steinmann 2009)

1. Corolla lobes 12–22 mm long
2. Corolla white, lobes spreading
3. Cauline leaves 3–9 cm, sessile; corolla lobes minutely ciliate…L. grandiflora
3′. Cauline leaves 1.5–3.2 cm, petiolate; corolla lobes long-ciliate…L. spectabilis
2′. Corolla yellow, lobes erect and densely pubescent…L. rzedowskii
1′. Corolla lobes 3.5–10 mm long
4. Inflorescence bracts in one series, chartaceous in texture…L. purpusii
4′. Inflorescence bracts in multiple series, outer bracts herbaceous to membranous between veins
5. Leaves and branches always alternate; leaf margins green
6. Largest bracts with spreading lobules or coarse teeth, or finely serrate only above middle; corolla lobes always lavender
7. Pedicels 20–40 mm long; bracts finely serrate above middle; flowers 1 per cymule…L. pumila
7′. Pedicels 4–6 mm long; bracts coarsely toothed; flowers several per cymule
8. Calyx 3.5–4.5 mm, lobes entire…L. tancitaroensis
8′. Calyx 4.5–6 mm, lobes 3-toothed…L. rupestris
6′. Largest bracts unlobed and finely serrate throughout; corolla lavender or red
9. Corolla 17–30 mm long, red…L. mexicana
9′. Corolla 8–22 mm long, blue to white (L. glandulosa)
10. Middle of stems with eglandular hairs…L. g. nepetifolia
10′. Middle of stems with glandular hairs
11. Cymules of 2 or more flowers; pedicels 1-2 mm long…L. g. conglomerata
11′. Cymules of 1 flower; pedicels 2-10 mm long…L. g. glandulosa
5′. Leaves and branches opposite or alternate; leaf margins white
12. Bract margins without setae between teeth; filaments pubescent near base
13. Bract teeth to 0.5 mm long; corolla lobes not clawed; upper leaves alternate…L. caerulea
13′. Bract teeth 1–3 mm long; corolla lobes clawed; upper leaves opposite…L. greggii
12′. Bract margins with setae between teeth; filaments glabrous
14. Outer bracts pubescent on abaxial side; corolla blue…L. involucrata
14′. Outer bracts glabrous; corolla whitish
15. Upper cauline leaves petiolate, cuneate, pubescent (L. ciliata)
16. Bract teeth short; corolla lobes slightly pubescent…L. c. ciliata
16′. Bract teeth long; corolla lobes densely pubescent…L. c. echinophylla
15′. Upper cauline leaves sessile, cordate, glabrous
17. Leaves opposite; corolla lobes glabrous…L. cordifolia
17′. Lower leaves opposite, upper alternate; corolla lobes pubescent…L. amplectens


Porter, J. M. and V. W. Steinmann. 2009. Two new Loeselia (Polemoniaceae) species from Michoacán, Mexico. Systematic Botany 34: 730-736

Turner, B. L. 1994. Synopsis of the North American species of Loeselia (Polemoniaceae). Phytologia 77: 318–337.


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