Bryantiella is a poorly known genus of two species, one of which is found in North America and one of which is found in South America.  The genus is ecologically remarkable in that it is adapted to the driest of desert conditions in the New World in the San Felipe and Atacama deserts (Porter and Johnson 2000).

The genus can be distinguished by its linear leaves, solitary inflorescence, and white pollen.


As with many Polemoniaceae, Bryantiella has a disjunct North America-South America distribution. It is found in both the Andes (B. glutinosa) and Baja California (B. palmeri)

worldwide distribution of Bryantiella

worldwide distribution of Bryantiella


  1. Bryantiella glutinosa (Phil.) J.M. Porter
  2. Bryantiella palmeri (S. Wats.) J.M. Porter


1. Plants large; leaves to 38 mm, entire or 3-parted; Baja California…B. palmeri
1. Plants small; leaves to 15 mm, pinnately lobed; the lobes 3-5; west-central           South America…B. glutinosa


Porter, J. M. and L. A. Johnson. 2000. A phylogenetic classification of Polemoniaceae. Aliso 19: 55-91.

Turner, B. L. 1994. Taxonomic overview of Gilia, sect. Giliastrum (Polemoniaceae) in Texas and Mexico. Phytologia 76: 52–68.


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