Hello World!

This site has multiple purposes.  First and foremost the goal of this website is to provide a resource for finding information about the ecology of as well as how to identify members of the phlox family, Polemoniaceae.  Species in this family are  regularly misidentified…by both the layperson and the professional botanist!  Much of the difficulty stems from the fact that the literature out there simply isn’t that accessible or usable by someone unfamiliar with the group.  To address this first goal, pages for each genus and eventually each species will be created.  Straightforward keys to all species will be provided, as well as descriptions and photographs for each taxon.

The second goal of this website is provide a central database for information on the phylogeny, pollinators, cytology, and morphology of the family so that it can be used by professional researchers.  Too much useful information is scattered in old, oftentimes inaccessible literature!

To get started exploring the phlox family click on the menu on the top right of the website!


Polemonium confertum, Gunnison County, Colorado

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